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About FICM

The FICM independent charitable trust was formed on the 17th November 2011, specifically to encourage regular support of the Intelligence Corps Museum at Chicksands, Bedfordshire in England. The trust deed includes just two formal objectives as follows:


  • To raise funds for the benefit of the Intelligence Corps Museum
  • To promote awareness of and interest in the museum’s development

Within the scope of this remit the trustees operate a membership system for supporters. Regular newsletters are published and two major events of interest to members are organised each year. Membership is open to current and former Corps personnel and to interested members of the general public.

The trust and its activities are managed by trustees who together with the Patron are all volunteers.

If you are interested in supporting us as a member please visit our Membership page for details.


Links to other mutual military organisations

Singapore Dawnwatchers Society

The Singapore Dawnwatchers Society was formed on 6 July 1968 in Counter Intelligence Platoon Singapore. Its stated aim is to bring together people in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei who liked to "Dawn Watch", and consists of Intelligence Corps personnel who served in those regions during the 1960s and early 1970s.

AAJLR Comrades Association

The AAJLR Comrades Association was formed in 1959 and disbanded in 1966. Originally it trained boys as future senior non-commissioned officers from five arms of the army but this was later expanded to eight. This included the Intelligence Corps and the Royal Corps of Signals.

Langeleben Reunion Association

The Langeleben Reunion Association was formed in April 1993, the aim being to foster and keep alive the comrade spirit of all those who served at Langeleben. Membership is open to all ranks and cap badges who served at Langebelen between 1951 and 1992.

BETFOR Association

Membership of the Betfor Association is open to all those who served in Northern Italy between 1945 - 1954 during the period of the Allied Military Government of the Free Teritory of Trieste and those with links to Betfor and Trieste.


Julian Barnard, Patron
Julian Barnard Patron


Tony Hetherington, Trustee and Chairman
Anthony Hetherington Trustee and Chairman

René Dee, Trustee and Deputy Chairman
René Dee Trustee and Deputy Chairman

David Farrell, Trustee and Treasurer
David Farrell Trustee and Treasurer

Christopher Yates, Trustee and Secretary
Christopher Yates Trustee and Secretary

Mike Palmer, Trustee and Membership Secretary
Mike Palmer
Trustee and Membership Secretary

Frances Maynard, Trustee
Frances Maynard Trustee

Mike Cooksey, Trustee
Mike Cooksey Trustee