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    Bedfordshire SG17 5PR, United Kingdom
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Patron & Trustees

Julian Barnard,Patron

Julian Barnard

Julian is FICM's Patron. He is a Hertfordshire-based businessman who has been a significant benefactor to the Museum at Chicksands. He is a Military Intelligence Museum Trustee and has played a major role in securing a permanent site in Bedfordshire.

Brian Parritt,Hon. President

Brian Parritt
Hon. President

Brigadier (retd) Brian Parritt is Honorary President of FICM. Before this, Brian was the first Chairman of the ICM trustees and subsequently a trustee of the MIM at Chicksands. In 1966, he was involved in establishing the first Corps Museum in Ashford.

Mike Palmer,Chair

Mike Palmer

Mike served in the Intelligence Corps from 1969 until 1977. Following a career in pharmaceutical distribution, Mike re-engaged with the Corps as a museum guide at Chicksands for several years before becoming a FICM trustee in 2015 and Chair in 2019.

David Farrell,Treasurer

David Farrell

Dave served in Int & Sy Gp (V) from 1973 until 1997. In 2012, he became ICA Regional Secretary for Surrey, London and Middlesex (SLAM), FICM Treasurer and a Museum tour guide. He is a member of the ICA Management Board.

Tony Moore,Secretary

Tony Moore

Tony served in the Corps as a Russian linguist from 1969-94 mainly in Germany and Berlin. On leaving the Army he worked in the Health and Safety field. Tony became a FICM trustee in 2018 and is the Honorary Secretary.

Richard Harper,Membership Secretary

Richard Harper
Membership Secretary

Richard never served in our armed forces but has always had a deep interest in their activities. He was a volunteer in the Museum archive for 5 years and became a FICM trustee in 2019, with responsibility for membership services.

Chris Yates,Editor

Chris Yates

Chris served with the Intelligence Corps from 1962 to 1965. In 2012, he volunteered in the Corps Archive, becoming a FICM trustee a year later. As well as producing Sub Rosa, Chris is the editor of The Rose and The Laurel.

Mike Cooksey,Events

Mike Cooksey

Mike joined the Intelligence Corps Reserve and served in Germany and Belize, with a civilian career in teaching and as an IT contractor. He volunteers in the Archive and as a Museum tour guide. Mike is the secretary of ICA Eastern Region.

Tony Hetherington,Trustee

Tony Hetherington

Tony became a FICM trustee in 2012. He left the Civil Service to become an outside investigator, carrying out official enquiries as well as similar work for the media. He also advised on intelligence to the Board of the City regulator.

Paul Croxson,Trustee

Paul Croxson

Paul served in the Intelligence Corps in the 1950s. He was for some time a volunteer in the Archive and still supports it with his knowledge and experience. Paul was a joint-founder of the FICM trust and is a current trustee.

Ben Hodges ,Website & Social Media

Ben Hodges
Website & Social Media

Ben is a former Intelligence Corps reservist, serving in Bosnia and Iraq. He has variously been a Police Officer, a NATO Intelligence Officer and a city slicker. He is working on a PhD focusing on interwar British Army intelligence. He oversees the FICM website and social media.

Dr Helen Fry ,Trustee

Dr Helen Fry

Historian Dr Helen Fry has written numerous books on military intelligence and WWII. She appears frequently in TV documentaries and in the media, is an associate editor of Eye Spy Magazine and an ambassador for the Museum of Military Intelligence.

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